Once you sign up as a new user, you will be taken to the subscriptions page, where you can choose between our plans.

We offer five public plans: Social Media, Professional, Expert, VIP Voices, and VIP
Voices+. In addition, we also offer a sixth option - Enterprise - tailored to the unique needs
and usage of our clients.
On the subscription page, each plan details its offerings. This includes information about the
total monthly character allotment, the number of custom voices simultaneously and the
features each plan offers.

Please note that custom voices and cloned voices have different meanings. Custom voices
are all voices that are not automatically included with the accounts; this includes cloned

Cloning is only available on both VIP Voice and VIP Voices+. Please note that the VIP
subscriptions offer voices and features from ElevenLabs and all other plans are from our
voice library powered by Amazon Polly.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time, and any unused quota from your last
subscription will roll over to the new plan. However, please remember that unused quota
does not roll over from month to month; it is an allocated amount for that month only.
From the subscription page, you can after purchase gain access to the Voiceover Air

With our paid plans, you get commercial rights to use that content... If you use a cloned
voice, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permission to use them commercially, even
on a paid plan. Read more about the license in our Terms of Service and contact us for more

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