How can I add pauses?

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  3. How can I add pauses?

We are working on features that will enable pauses in text more easily and reliably.


There are a few ways to introduce pauses into the generated speech for now. The most reliable option is a simple dash (-). You can even combine multiple dashes (- -) to create a longer pause.

"Could you please give me a moment to gather my thoughts?"

"Could you please - hold on a moment - - let me check the availability of that item for you?"


Another option is to try using an ellipsis. However, this option appears less stable and can introduce more artefacts, sometimes affecting the delivery as if the AI is more nervous

"I... yeah, I guess so..."

Additionally, you can use an ellipsis to separate paragraphs with a pause, for example.

I... yeah, I guess so.


But I'm not sure.


Achieving the desired pause may require some trial and error. We acknowledge that the current methods may not be perfect and are actively developing a more reliable solution to address this issue.

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